For emerging 21st century technologies like nuclear fusion to help replace fossil fuels for the whole of the 3rd millennium

The US electric power generation and distribution grid

or Grid for short, could fail at any point in time.

So keeping the grid up is the prime directive for GEI.


Working with prestigious colleges and universities doing graduate research


Laboratory work, empirical data and simulations using the latest technologies


Bringing working nuclear fusion reactors into production in short order


The cost would be in the tens of millions of dollars, not hundreds of billions

What We Offer?

We intend to prove the world’s classical physicists wrong with our revolutionary inner containment vessel. We intend to manufacture medium and small-scale fusion electric power plants in a year or two with only 10 million dollars in investments. Able to engage in sustained operations at around 10 thousand degrees centigrade, not one to 100 million. Then we intend to upscale the working nuclear fusion electric power plant to be used for cities like New York or Chicago or LA county.

Overview - Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is several orders of magnitude safer than nuclear fission for electric power generation and produces no nuclear waste. Theoretically, the neutron produced can sever the bonds of water or H2O into hydrogen gas for fuel cell cars and release oxygen into the atmosphere to undo the greenhouse effect. Nuclear fusion electric power plants will soon take the place of nuclear fission electric power plants, and our revolutionary reactor may operate at about 10,000 degrees centigrade, not millions or tens, or hundreds of millions of degrees. We don’t intend to use brute force as ITER or MIT does. The reactor utilizes the forces of nature, not those found in the sun.

Latest News from GEI

Generally Eccentric Inc. intends on doing as much as possible via the internet on the cloud using two Microsoft Office 365 platforms. One being the E5 Enterprise Edition for the organization, and the other being the Standard Edition for the potential stockholders. We also have the entire AutoCAD product line at our disposal and intend on using Goldman Sachs as our Lead Underwriter for our Nasdaq stock offerings.

We also intend on partnering with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and utilizing the prototype of their medium-scale torus fusion test reactor. This will allow us to install our revolutionary and proprietary inner containment vessel for refinement. After running engineering calculations and using Computer-Aided Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, and Fluid Dynamics simulations.

Oceans of alternative energy, electric power from seawater

Check out the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor in France

ITER off
ITER off

Costing hundreds of billions of dollars and using brute force methods

ITER is years behind construction and was never intended to produce electricity

Whereas we could make a working nuclear fusion test reactor

Using the forces of nature to compress the ionized gas

Not brute force, at around 10,000 degrees centigrade

Not at 10 to 100 or 1 million degrees centigrade

Unlike the tokamak approach, with our revolutionary design

For 1-10 million not 100s of billions in investments

Joint European Torus (which FAILED)
2009 design
Our design is more like this example of a 2009 design

Latest Related News from MIT

Classical physicists and researchers from MIT have it all wrong though, and we intend to prove it